Frequently Asked Questions

What is Alaska Adventures?

Alaska Adventures is a fictional Virtual Airline (VA). Alaska Adventures started operation independently on September 10, 2007.

What simulators does Alaska Adventures support?

Alaska Adventures Supports MSFS2020, XPlane P3Dv4, FSX

What are the requirememnts to Join ALaska Adventures?

To join ALaska Adventures we require the applicant to be atleast 13 years old. Own a legal copy of our supported flight simulators.

How do I join ALaska Adventures?

Click on the "Join Alaska Adventures" link on the top right of the website.

Does Alaska Adventure require its pilots to fly on VATSIM?

Alaska Adventures does not require you to fly on VATSIM. We do encourage you to fly on VATSIM.

What ACARS software does Alaska Adventures use?

Alaska Adventures uses its own ACARS called akaACARS.

How do I stop Discord spamming me with notifications?

Just right click the channel, than just mute the channel

Can I fly whatever routes I want to fly?

At the moment, free flights are not permitted, You may chose from our scheduled Cargo, Air Ambulance, Helo, and passenger flights.

How do I get any support?

You can get support on our Discord channel or at forums.