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Avg Landing: -213

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  • Pilot Flight Dep Arrival Status Alt Distance/Time

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  • Flight Pilot Departure Arrival Aircraft Duration V/S Status
    AKAT01269-3N1Victor MartinezPFYUSVSC185F-F200.54.59-28 ft/mPending
    AKAT01269-3N1Victor MartinezPFYUSVSC185F-F200.54.59-28 ft/mPending
    AKAT01267-3N0Roger TriplettPAEGL20C185F-T200.51.11-151 ft/mPending
    AKAT01229-6A2Steve GrovesPAENZ41DHC3 OTTERP00.58.37-99 ft/mPending
    AKAT01227-6A2Carlos SilveiraPADLPAILDHC3 OTTERP01.09.14-47 ft/mPending
    AKAT01264-3N0James L SmithCEX4CFQ6PA18-T00.45.15-65 ft/mPending
    AKA714-TAlan PlattPAGYPAYAC4700.51.48-128 ft/mPending
    AKAT01228-6A2Steve GrovesPAILPAENDHC3 OTTERP01.19.10-138 ft/mPending
    AKAT01252-4N1Ruberto StutzerHYGKPBDHC2 BEAVERF00.44.53-181 ft/mPending
    AKAT01251-4N1Ruberto StutzerWSBHYGDHC2 BEAVERF00.24.37-233 ft/mPending

  • November 2017 Greased Landings

    AKA1019Victor MartinezC185CYYJCYCD-5 ft/min
    AKA1621Carlos SilveiraDHC3PAWDPAHO-8 ft/min
    AKA1636Kevyn KersenDHC22Z15KE-8 ft/min
    AKA1494Alvin HolleyB430PAAQPATK-13 ft/min
    AKA1595Simon DixDHC3PADLPAIL-20 ft/min
    AKA1494Alvin HolleyB430PAAQPAAQ-20 ft/min
    AKA1019Victor MartinezPA18CFA4CYXY-25 ft/min
    AKA1568Per EnbergPA18PAJNPAGY-25 ft/min
    AKA1649Steve GrovesK100PANCPAAQ-25 ft/min
    AKA1019Victor MartinezC185PFYUSVS-28 ft/min

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